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lose weight


A workout with the work taken out.

The beauty of toning tables is that they appeal to anybody from 16-80 years. The tables work through repetitive, isokinetic exercises to isolate muscle groups. Who benefits from the use of Shapemaster Fitness Toning Tables?

The major benefits of using the SHAPEMASTER fitness toning system are:

1. Tones and flattens the abdominal area – Leaner, stronger toned muscles.
2. Greater mobility and flexibility – Improves posture and body awareness.
3. Relieves stress and tension – Improves sleep patterns – Boosts self-esteem.
4. Strengthens the back, reducing the risk of further back problems.
5. More energy to enjoy life – Improves digestive system.
6. Helps to control blood pressure.
7. Combined with sensible eating plans, promotes weight loss.

Call our Beauty Salon Birmingham, Shapers NOW for FREE 1 hour trial. Benefits all ages from 16 to 80