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The Vampire Beauty Treatment that’s taking the world by storm

It may sound like the thing of a horror novel or hammer film from the 70’s, but in fact, the Vampire Facial is the latest craze to hook A-list celebrities. Icons such as Britney Spears, Sharon Osborne and, most notably, Kim Kardashian are avid users and are convinced by its results.

The Vampire Facial involves drawing the patient’s own blood, separating the layer that is filled with platelets and then injecting it back into the face. This treatment has seen an 800% increase this year.

It has been a treatment used to treat sports stars injuries – such as Tiger Woods – for some time, but it is making the switch to anti-ageing purposes with ease. Anti-ageing treatments were a key theme in 2013 with dermal fillers, non surgical facelifts and energy treatments to tighten skin all seeing increase of 93%. It is now the Vampire Facial that is taking the lead as the preferred option.

The treatment is already popular in the US, but UK clinics (such as Shapers) are catching on to using plasma energy instead of laser to generate new skin and stimulate collagen, with less bruising or discomfort and no bleeding.

Experts claim that plasma provides a greater level of control with less recovery time and, unlike laser, can treat delicate eye areas.

Vamtox vampire therapy has been available at our salon for a while and we have seen it achieve great results. This revolutionary skin care system developed for the protection, rejuvenation and treatment of the skin is quick, safe and pain free!

By applying white clood cells & anti oxidants to the skin.

By introducing growth factors & stem cells into the skin.

Lines , pigmentation, scars $ hair loss by increasing cell renewal time, stimulating collagen, telomerase & the natural healing mechanism of the skin.

If you’re interested in the Vampire Facial then you can discuss further with Jo Toroni of Shapers in Boldmere, call her at the salon on: 0121 355 0353